MURAKAMI INTERNATIONAL TRIATHLON  2013 NTT Triathlon Japan Cup Ranking Event

 Welcome to the website of the Murakami International Triathlon 2013 - An NTT Triathlon Japan Cup Ranking event - Japan Women’s Age groups Championships. The event will be held on Sunday the 29th ofJune 2013. This year the Triathlon has been added as an event for the Japan Women’s Age groups Championships. Therefore participation fees for female athletes have been reduced. We hope to welcome many participants.

From this year registration of participating athletes will be possible up to the morning of the event.

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コース紹介 111Race course

The race courses for swimming, cycling and running are shown here.→

コース紹介 111Event programme

Here you will find details of the schedule of event day and preceeding day→

[Patrons]:Murakami City/Japan Triathlon Union/Nikkan Sports News

[Administration]:Murakami International Triathlon Organization Commitee

[With the support of]:Niigata Prefecture, Murakami City Board of Education/ Sekikawa Village/Awashima Ura Village

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[Special regional sponsor]:JA Iwafune Rice Production Union

Murakami International Triathlon Organization Comittee
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Murakami City

瀬波温泉-バナ- el
Senami Onsen (Senami Spa)

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Echigo Yasubei Co.

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